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Harry Potter and the Moving to London

My little Harry Potter sanctuary.

I’m not going to London because of Harry Potter – although I am a big Potterhead and I do have a tattoo to prove it. I simply had an idea that escalated rapidly to where I am today – getting ready to move to London -, and if we were to look back and look for the seed it germinated from – which I’m going to do in this post -, we’d learn it was indeed a magic bean.

I was born in 1990, I grew up reading the Harry Potter books and spent my teens watching the films and waiting for the next book of the series to be released – like every other 90s kid. JK Rowling’s world and characters were the one thing in my life that would always be there to welcome me in but when it was over I was already in University so I thought it was time for it to be over for me too. I was wrong.

During the time I pretended that Harry Potter had only been a thing of my childhood that could become an old memory and nothing else I felt like there was something missing, a void inside of me that I had to fill somehow and I managed to do so by reading fanfictions and later, by writing them.

A few years later, I turned 23 and I thought that if Harry Potter had been such an important part of my life until then it would always be in some way, so I got the Deathly Hollows symbol into the word Always tattooed on my wrist – my first tattoo! – as a token of my geeky obsession, but also of my love of reading and writing.

By this point, you won’t find it so shocking when I tell you that when the ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ play was announced by the end of last year I decided to make of it my reason to come back to London – my far far away home – a second time.

So, on November 5th 2015 – too late to get the good ones – I got my ticket for November 23rd 2016.

One year! I had one entire year to save money and organize the holiday of a lifetime!

I began to look for hostels, places to visit, aeroplane tickets… just to get an idea of how much I would need saving up to do all I wanted to do. The problem was I wanted to do everything and it would take me an actual lifetime to make it possible.

It was then when the idea popped in my head, it was bold, just a dream, something completely unachievable, but… what if I moved to London?

So I stopped looking for hostel websites and start looking for room sharing prices in the city. The numbers didn’t make it easier, those prices are crazy! But it was too late to brush the idea away, I wanted to make it possible, I had to, and I had a year to figure it out.

What geeky obsession would make you decide to go abroad?


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