Au Pair life · Journal

Three months

My adventure started three months ago and over the excitement – plus some
procrastination – I never updated this blog. In this time, a lot has happened: saying goodbye, settling in, meeting new people, family and friends visits, Christmas, loosing weight, meet-ups, Harry Potter… and I will try to go over everything in different posts, hopefully helping newcomers in the way.20170210_130951

To begin with, my original plan was to simply – and bravely
– come to the city with my savings – which weren’t much – and look for a job while living in a shared house – and probably a shared room too -; but I changed my mind – I’m not that much brave. I began to be very afraid of the possibility of not finding a job in time, running out of money and having to come back home with an unfinished adventure so… I became an au pair.

I’d been an au pair before – as I believe to have mentioned already -, in Ireland, when I was nineteen; so I knew what I would encounter. I wasn’t very keen on the idea, though, because I was somehow “runnin away” from my “mommy-roll” at home and really wanted to just be by myself, but it’d safer than just taking a chance at the looking-for-a-real-job thing.

Well, three months after being here I can tell you that I’m very glad I took that decision. I’m not were I wished to be and my situation is not “perfect”, but I got very lucky with the family I met and I’m still in London!



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